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The Bakery Squad, the unique team of functionality experts, presents tomorrow’s technology today; innovative concepts to update and improve industrial bakery products. In all respects. There is growing global demand for bakery products free from yeast, gluten, allergens and E-numbers. The Bakery Squad experts offer an extensive range of functional alternatives to optimise products and processes in keeping with the global trend of limiting allergens, E-numbers, sugar, salt and fat in food products.

Gearing to market developments

Competition is stronger than ever before. Moreover, you need to gear products to customers’ wishes and requirements. Both the government and the general public are increasingly recognising the importance of healthy products containing more natural ingredients. Increased occurrences of coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, obesity and coronary disease require the development of appropriate products, including gluten-free, reduced salt content, reduced fat content, etc. The innovative product concepts of The Bakery Squad have therefore been developed on the basis of these topical themes.

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