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Vaessen-Schoemaker was founded in 1946 by Hubert Vaessen and his son-in-law Paul Schoemaker. Since the beginning, the company has focused on developing, producing and selling functional ingredients for the meat, poultry and fish industries. In 2012, Vaessen-Schoemaker extended its activities with developing solutions for the bakery industry.


Vaessen-Schoemaker was one of the pioneers in using phosphates in meat products. As a result of subsequent legislation and the increasing awareness among consumers around the use of additives, Vaessen-Schoemaker has invested heavily in recent years in developing phosphate-free and clean label injection, tumbling and filling mixes.

Vaessen-Schoemaker places the highest priority on delivering quality, but quality means more to us than just the quality of the product. Quality means that we deliver on time. It also means that we respond promptly to your questions. In short, we provide quality in every aspect. Vaessen-Schoemaker is BRC level-A certified. 

Vaessen-Schoemaker offers a broad range of functional solutions for injection, tumbling and filling. These solutions include mixes for fresh as well as cooked meat products, varying from fresh poultry fillets to cooked hams. The past years have shown a trend in functional marinating of poultry products. Extension of chicken breast fillets by 10 to 15% results in products that are juicier and more tender, and therefore more appreciated by consumers. Natuvas is our new range of clean label injection and tumbling mixes. Additionally, Vaessen-Schoemaker has a new range of marinades, called VascoTaste.



Meat & poultry applications
Injection & tumbling

+ Alomine® - Phosphate-free mixes
+ Natuvas® - Clean label mixes
+ Hamine® - Phosphate mixes for injection/tumbling
+ Accoline® - Phosphate mixes for cutter
+ Oxipur® - Mixes with minimal amounts of phosphates
+ Vascan® - Shelf-life extenders
+ Salox® - Colour retention and stability
+ VascoTaste® - Dry glazes for colouring and flavouring
+ VascoPro® - Functional animal proteins
+ Ipso® - Functional vegetable proteins

Bakery applications


+ VascoFill® - Bake-stable fillings
+ NexGenDo® - Yeast-free snack dough solutions
+ VascoGlaze® - Dry non-sticky glaze
+ VascoColour® - Egg replacement for colour and shine
+ Vascan® - Shelf-life extenders

Fish applications
Injection, tumbling & dipping

+ Pescamine® - Complete range for fish, fish products and seafood
+ Natuvas® - Clean label mixes
+ Vascan® - Shelf-life extenders